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Is this how you feel about Facebook + Twitter? 

Guess what? You're not alone.

With new mediums, tools, and apps being created every day, it's not surprising that things online can get pretty...overwhelming. The good news? We're here to help! 

We have 3 standard social media management packages with transparent pricing that are designed to ramp up your social media game. These packages are designed for those looking to build credibility online and maintain a consistent professional presence that drives traffic and leads back to your site. 

Social Media Marketing Packages

Social Media Management Package Walk
Social Media Management Package Run
Social Media Management Package Bike

Social Media Training

Rachel’s social media training gave us more clarity on our objectives to better connect with our clients and our community. Rachel also walked us through some wonderful social media tools that are simple to use. Overall, it was a great experience!
— Edgar Ndjatou, Partner, McCree Ndjatou, PLLC

We can train you, your staff, or even your intern on how to get the most out of your time marketing on social media to increase traffic to your website and ultimately impact your bottomline.

Social Media Training PRICING

$120 = 1 hour training session (1 person)

$200 = 1 hour training session (up to 4 people)


Commonly Covered Social Media Topics

  • How to determine which social media channels are best for your industry

  • Strategies to set up your social media accounts for maximum exposure and engagement
  • The social media automation tools for optimal time efficiency
  • The best times, days, and frequency to post
  • The hottest content to post for your specific industry on social media channels
  • Learn how to pull reports and analyze the data that most affects your bottomline AKA $$$

Also Included
⤷ Free Social Media Assessment
⤷ List of Free Stock Photo Websites
⤷ Quality Industry-Specific Content Ideas


If you look at my Twitter “pre-Rachel” and then “after Rachel”, the results speak for themselves. I’m really happy with my progress and hope others will take advantage of her services!
— Kathleen DuBois, President, Progressity, Inc.