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Are you ready to do something different with your work?

You're an overachieving entrepreneur with some amazing ideas about how you can make a difference in the world.

In theory, you're totally on board with the idea of your business serving your lifestyle, your mission, and your wallet...but you don't know when the last time you really took a break was.

Sure, you're all about that #laptoplifestyle, but it's hard to step away from working in a business you love to get serious about working on it.

You've had a hard time finding a community of people who get you, so you're sometimes hesitant to put yourself in new group situations.

You consider yourself a fun-loving, adventurous boss chica, but, if you're being honest, life has looked a little more all work and no play lately.

Sound a little too familiar?

Get ready for Creative CEOs Cruise, an adventure-based, business building retreat to catalyze the way you run your business.

After this adventure?

  •  You gain even more clarity on what’s working for you right now
  •  You're ready to go into the fall sales season with shiny new packages and pricing 
  •  You feel both refreshed and reenergized about the work you’re doing in the world 
  •  You have a strategic plan that takes you through the holiday season 
  •  You have a new group of motivated peers who get you that you can bounce ideas off

RVSP: bit.ly/2qwErwK