• The Cleaners at Ace Hotel. (map)
  • 403 SW 10th Avenue
  • Portland, Oregon

This is the year you're going to figure out your finances. This is the year you're going to say, "the only thing standing in my way is me."  This is the year you're going to get out of your own way. This is the year a group of loud-mouthed, big-dreaming, powerful women are going to gather together in Portland and create a movement.

The Lola Retreat isn't about doing money like your mother did. It's about facing your fears, owning your dreams and figuring out a plan to be in control of your finances. It's going to be two (and a half!) days filled with deep discussion, impactful workshops, delicious snacks + drinks and the chance to connect with other like-minded women. We'll be hearing from some of the boldest, bravest, funniest women in finance on topics like under-earning, love + money, and financial anxiety. You'll get to learn from a group of experts on the fundamentals of investing, retirement, debt repayment, home ownership, and budgeting. 

Each part of the retreat has been designed to bring you financial confidence, accountability, and a roadmap that you can put into action the moment you get home.