No doubt you offer an amazing service or product and are excited to share it with the world. But how self-assured and clear are you in the messaging you use to let potential clients know how you can serve them? Do you ever feel like they just don't understand? And if they did, you would have plenty of business? In this session, you'll learn the seven questions that will give you crystal clarity around your offerings. Once you identify the answers, finding clients and getting referrals will become 1,000x easier!

Come prepared to participate in this interactive presentation and leave with:

1. A new confidence about what you offer and how it affects the lives of your prospects
2. The best ways to describe what you do so that potential clients say “I need that!”
3. Your client avatar outline, so you understand WHO your ideal customer is, where they’re hanging out, and what their challenges are – and consequently how to find them


Lori Saitz is a serial entrepreneur. In 2003, she launched Zen Rabbit Baking Company and introduced the world to The Gratitude Cookie. Through Zen Rabbit, she helped busy professionals say thank you to their clients, strengthen relationships and increase their lifetime value. Today she is known as The Quiet Girl’s Guide. As a networking strategy coach and speaker, she primarily helps women who are terrified to walk into a room full of people they don’t know feel more comfortable starting conversations with strangers and networking with potential clients and referral sources. Her services are in demand by entrepreneurs and business owners who want to feel more confident and build relationships that support their business success.