• Creative Colony (map)
  • 8121 Georgia Ave, Suite 600
  • Silver Spring, MD 20910

Feel overwhelmed by the the challenges of building an engaging visual brand for your business or cause? Know you need to stick to those “brand guidelines” but want to still be able to keep things exciting and fresh?

Whether you are just starting to build your visual brand or are feeling stuck, this workshop will provide insights on how to think about the pieces of your visual brand beyond your logo (like color, fonts, photography and layout styles). We will look at how to build and as well as maintain a visual language that you can use to connect with your audience.


Christy Batta is an award-winning graphic designer for nonprofits and all around do gooders. Her mission is to help clients make a fantastic first impression. She builds strong partnerships with clients to translate their big ideas into a design voice that connects with people who need what they offer.

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