Ever feel like you're playing small in your business or growing slower than you'd like?

Often it’s ourselves that become the biggest blockade to a life and business of abundant success. It comes in many different forms. Perhaps it’s a fear that this new journey you’re on in your business makes you too visible. And by being visible, it’s scary to think about how many people are watching if you fail. Plus who has the time to handle big growth without burnout?

Or perhaps you deal with a rude voice in your head saying there’s no way you can have it all. If your business blooms, that might be at the expense of your relationships. And the money, the stress of the money… oh that frustrating part!

This workshop is designed to nip all your challenges in the bud and empower you to:

  • flip the negative dialogue into powerfully supportive thoughts

  • reevaluate your progress in your business so far

  • come away recharged, realigned and feeling awesome about your business as well your life outside of your career

Join in for an interactive workshop that helps you tap into the strongest of business leaders within you ready to soar to the next level in your business and manifest a full life of totally groovy awesomeness.

*50% of ticket sales will be donated to World Vision.

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