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  • 330 7th Street Northeast
  • Washington, DC, 20002
  • United States

Do you wish you felt more confident when you speak? Do you want to look and sound more at ease? Do you ever feel overcome by stage fright? Or worry you've lost your audience or failed to get their attention? This workshop will provide ways to:

  • Lower anxiety and feel more confident when you speak
  • Help control stage fright
  • Engage your audience
  • Look and sound grounded

Whether you are speaking to an audience of one or many, you want to influence, inform, persuade, or entertain your audience. And, you want to show up and make your case with confidence and ease.

Speaking is a physical activity! So, we will focus on how you look and sound. How do we use our bodies, our voice and our breath to control our anxiety and deliver a strong powerful presentation to reach our audience? Come and find out.


Dawn Badrick is an ACC certified coach with 30 years of experience as an organizational development consultant, public speaker, trainer, facilitator and singer. She has spent her working life in front of an audience with a goal to persuade, influence, inform, educate, entertain or convince an audience.

Using her skills and experience she is committed to working with others in becoming more effective presenters and performers. A belief in the ability of people to choose their behavior and grow, develop, and change is the motivation behind her work. She brings intelligence, insight, imagination and passionate concern for others.

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